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  • Installing

    In view of the pending withdrawal of support for Win XP next year, I am soon at last installing Win 7 in this PC with its 3 GB of RAM.

    Is there any real point installing 2 year old NVIDIA drivers from a CD supplied when I bought this PC, if I find the sound, Display and Broadband works OK after downloading all the Windows updates needed? The CD will include SP1

    I propose to use a Linux Windows Repair disk to delete all the present folders and files except my Photos, Music and Docs after transferring the docs onto a new Folder names say DOCs. Will this ensure installing Win 7 will not delete these? I hope I will be given the option NOT to allow it to format the drive? I will backup the above to DVDs anyway

    Finally to avoid all the Admin fuss Win 7 makes each time you install or change software in its Programs Folder, is there any reason why I should not install all new software in a Folder I create named say Software?

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    Re: Installing

    Personally I'd do it properly and back up all of the data, then do a format and clean install. That ensures that everything is clean for the new OS.

    Good chance you won't need drivers, Windows 7's hardware support is a quantum leap from XP and most common devices will supported and working right out of the box. NVidia graphics cards are ubiquitous enough that I wouldn't expect any need for drivers.

    Not sure what you mean with the last comment, UAC will prompt you when you install any new programs but that's it unless you are trying to edit or save files in folders that the OS thinks you shouldn't.
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      Re: Installing

      Thanks as always I will backup all data. As you may know this Parti Magic Linux just like Puppy works entirely from RAM. Though it does included software to completely erase all the data from the drive, I tested it and found it completely erased a duplicated large folder along with all its sub folders. So I prefer to erase the likes of the Windows, Program Files, and My Documents folders etc that way, thus avoiding the need to reinstall such as all the Music and Photos. Since it also displays all hidden files like Boot.ini, ntldr, io.sys, MSDOS.sys etc I can delete them as well.

      As you my care to check at I dabble on writing my own programs. But most of these languages that like to install in Windows Program Files etc, include sample programs which we may wish to use or amend. But the likes of Win 7 and Vista often objects to anything being changed in these folders without Admin permission. So presumably the answer is to install them in another new folder. I already do this with all my new programs.


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        Re: Installing

        The other option Gordon is to stay with XP. Windows 7 is now getting old (not as old as XP obviously) so stay with it for a while longer and wait for something better than Windows 8 to come out. If I had the choice I would still be running XP Pro.
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