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    I used the little free program from to create a Free DOS bootable USB Flash drive. Will a friend then be able to run a QB DOS program of mine that will not of course run on any 64 bit version of Windows like Win 7?

    I assume it is the 64 versions of Windows that prevent old 16 bit software from working, since like my present PCs still using Win XP dual 64 amd 32 bit mother boards are capable of running 16 bit software.

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    Re: 64 bit

    If the computer is booting off the flash drive, Windows does not load at all so yes, 16-bit apps will run providing FreeDOS supports them.

    The other option is to install an emulator such as DOSBox to save having to reboot the computer.

    You are correct -- 64-bit Windows 7 has no support for 16-bit apps, whereas 32-bit XP included a 16-bit DOS emulator (maybe 32-bit Win7 does too)

    A final option would be Virtual PC running on the WIn7 box (could use XP-mode if Win7 Pro or Ult) running a 16-bit OS such as DOS 6.22+Win3.11
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      Re: 64 bit

      Thanks. I do use Dosbox, but it would be a bit to complicated for my friend.

      Whereas once I have reset his CMOS all he has to do is remember to first plug in the flash drive and it boots up in Free DOs long with the progrram. It can be setup to us MSDOS.