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WPAD issue

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  • WPAD issue


    Not sure its the right forum to post. Admin please move this if its in the wrong forum.

    We are using Automatic detect settings via gpo and wpad file that will point to our proxy. We are using dhcp method of deploying the wpad file.

    some times if you restart your machine although you get the wpad file from dhcp and automatically detect settings is checked. Still user cant browse. Yes resetting browser can help but i troubleshooted but didnt get to last step that why its happening.

    I can see i get wpad file from dhcp using wireshark.
    i have automatic detect settings on.
    The problem seems to be with IE and wpad.dat file.
    When i open the IE as per process mentioned it should go to dhcp to fetch the file, if failed than to dns and than i think the last one is netbios name

    I found a post where someone mentioned to have wpad.dat file under IE -> internet options -> general -> Browsing history -> view files

    I checked but i didnt have the file.

    Also i can found on a post to have wpad entry in registry under certain location which i check on another machine with working IE and it was there but not on my computer.

    I some how made it working by resetting the browser but it happens few times to user during week and I am not sure if resetting is the only option.

    I mean my IE was working. I restarted my computer and after that i was not able to get IE working until i resetted it.

    Anyone suggest something in this case?