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Strange Network Issue

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  • Strange Network Issue


    I am hoping you can help me with a strange network issue with my laptop. I am running a small domain network at home which is where I am having trouble. I will start by saying that one of the two laptops I have at home works perfectly fine as expected.

    That being said the second laptop is having difficulty staying connected to the network. The laptop will boot windows 7 just fine the problem will begin when trying to access the internet. When bringing up a browser, the computer is extremely slow to simply bring up the google homepage. After it finally loads, the network seems to crap out. It will not load another page and I start to see the DNS server not responding message in the troubleshooter. Again, my other windows 7 client has NO problem at all.

    I have also tried simply pinging several clients through the command prompt and I seem to experience the same thing. For the first few minutes after booting into windows 7 I am able to ping anything I want, the domain controller, google, bing etc. However, after several minutes, I start to drop ping requests and eventually I have all four ping attempts fail within 10 minutes of booting.

    At this point, I will also mention that this same laptop has no issue connecting to a wireless network outside of my domain, i.e. local coffee shops, work etc I can connect fine and no issues at all!

    I have tried doing a flush dns, release/renew IP address, I deleted the wireless connection and re-added it, all to no avail. The confounding part is that it seems to be just this laptop and only on this domain.

    Anyone has an idea here????

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    Re: Strange Network Issue

    Sometimes different manufacturers' hardware don't play nice together, despite the ads. Are both laptops using the same wireless hardware and drivers? Are they even the same age? I had an issue recently between a Linksys PCI-E wireless network card in my son's PC vs a Cisco business-level router. Ended up replacing the NIC.

    To see if the Win7 install itself may have a problem with your home wireless infrastructure, try running the troubled laptop without using wireless, but instead plugged into a network port on your router. If it works flawlessly for a long period, then the wireless is definitely your problem. If it has issues same as the wireless, it's the router and/or the PC itself.

    Assuming it's the wireless, are you sure the laptop has plenty of cooling available whenever you run it? Aside from working fine outside of your house, it sounds like a thermal problem with the hardware inside the laptop. Does this failure behavior manifest no matter how close to or how far away from the router you are? Is the laptop always on a flat surface which allows access for the vents underneath?

    Just trying to suggest as many alternative ideas as possible.
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      Re: Strange Network Issue

      I think RicklesP is on the right track asking if it affects the laptop depending on how far away from the router you are.

      I see the same issue at work with machines that are located at the edge of the wireless coverage. Obviously, wired machines don't have this problem, but those connected wirelessly where the signal is not strong or starts strong and then degenerates have connection issues.
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        Re: Strange Network Issue

        well I had some time to look at it and I found the problem.

        I thought I had the MAC address of the laptop in my router but it was missing so once I added it, everything worked as expected.

        Thanks for the ideas all!


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          Re: Strange Network Issue

          Well done, and thanks for posting back
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