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Location of thumbnail image

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  • Location of thumbnail image

    I have some jpg images which I edited and saved but inadvertantly saved over the originals.
    Opening the image file gives the edited image.
    The preview shows the edited image.
    But the thumbnail still shows the original.

    How can I retrieve the original from the thumbnail image? Where are the individual thumbnail image files located? I assume they are in Thumbs.db, but is there a way to get the individual images out of this file?

    Thanks for any advice,

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    Re: Location of thumbnail image

    Long time since you posted this but thumbs.db only contains thumbnails - not the original image. It is used by the system to display small resolution versions of a folder's images so they can be previewed. As you have discovered, thumbs.db still contains your previous images, but that is all. It is also worth noting that this 'feature' can be used to retrieve thumbnails of deleted images - useful for forensics.

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      Re: Location of thumbnail image

      I had better rephrase my question:
      How can I retrieve the unedited thumbnails?

      I believe the thumbnails of the original, unedited files are in thumbcache_idx.db (or one of the other .db files) in C:\Users\Janet\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Exp lorer, but have not been able to view them with any of the (free) thumbnail viewers I have. When I tried to view the folder's Thumbs.db file, it just showed me an enlarged Folder Icon with the first four file's (edited) thumbnails on top of the folder icon (ie, the folder's thumbnail).

      Additional info: the original (unedited) thumbnails show up in the following folder views: Med. Icons; Tiles; Content. For all other folder views, the edited thumbnail is displayed.
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        Re: Location of thumbnail image

        Does this help at all??

        It is for Vista but i would presume that it would be the same for Win 7

        Windows Vista stores thumbnails in the following directory:
        \Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\ Explorer

        This directory contains following files:
        thumbcache_32.db, thumbcache_96.db, thumbcache_256.db, and thumbcache_1024.db

        Thumbnails are stored in thumbcache_NN.db files in different formats (e.g. BMP) and can be extracted using file carving. There are several tools that can work with Vista Thumbcache: dmThumbs, Thumbs.db Viewer, WinThumbs, thumbcache-viewer, and FTK. Unfortunately, there is no information in the thumbcache that can easily link thumbnails with original files in all cases. One of the ways to link thumbnails with original files is to use Windows Indexer (Windows.edb) database.