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Refusing to update to Win 7 / 8

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  • Refusing to update to Win 7 / 8

    I see many firms and home users like me are still reluctant to replace Windows XP with Win 7 or Win 8, especially after the problems experienced by those using Vista. But I understand MS will cease to support XP in some 18 months time.

    I even know of some who NEVER accept any Windows updates, except perhaps SPs, because there have been cases where installing such has caused problems. Many updates are claimed to protect us from such as hacking and a virus, but surely that is the job of a good fully paid up to date antivirus software. So what really is the risk of using say Windows XP for years after MS fail to support it?

    I must admit I do have some problems with IE 8 on certain sites. So because IE 9 is not safe to use on Win XP I just divert to Firefox on those sites.

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    Re: Refusing to update to Win 7 / 8

    I can understand reluctance to go to Win8 (at least until SP1 comes out and returns the start menu ) but Windows 7 is definitely stable and a worthy successor to WinXP.

    Regarding updates, IMHO security updates are vital as they fill holes (e.g. opening your system up to attacks via a browser) which AV and other security software will not see -- at least not until after the event. Using XP after the end of support is perfectly OK as long as you understand that there will be less and less drivers for new hardware, less and less new software that runs on it and no possibility of a comeback from Microsoft if things go wrong.
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      Re: Refusing to update to Win 7 / 8

      IE9 isn't supported on Windows XP so IE8 is the best you get from MS.

      Personal choice may come into it but Win7 is better than XP (imo). Win8 is very similar (front screen aside). People naturally don't like change so are happy to stay with what they have (money aside on this point too!).

      Also, this may sound blunt but anyone claiming not to install any updates because they are worried about the risk of it causing problems isn't technically qualified to be making that choice. I'm not saying there aren't special cases or that there isn't the possibility of a degree of leeway when installing the most recent patches, after they are released, but the risks of not being patched far outweigh any reason to delay or not install them.
      This type of person probably doesn't run AV as well and hasn't updated their flash/shockwave/adobe acrobat etc applications as well because of a "they work so why should I" mentality.

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        Re: Refusing to update to Win 7 / 8

        Installing Windows updates closes the majority of exploits identified in the operating system. Choosing not to install them is foolish.

        I've never had a problem with a Windows update (been updating 30-40 PC's each month for many years), and even if I did I know that Microsoft offer free support to troubleshoot any issues related to installing an update or it causing problems with the operating system.

        Windows 7 is awesome. Way better than XP in all respects.
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          Re: Refusing to update to Win 7 / 8

          In the past I had two XP cases where an update would not install properly, and the problem was mentioned by others following a net search. One kept asking to be repeatedl reinstalled. So I had to use the advance option and block attempts to keep reinstalling them. The MS update fault finder was useless.

          Though I agree two guys I know are foolish to refuse to install updates, one even has few of no SPs installed, but neither seem to exprience any probelms as a result.


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            Re: Refusing to update to Win 7 / 8

            I have also had problems when updates have not installed properly. However, 99% of these were resolved by installing under the Administrator account.

            Where this failed I researched the error code.

            I have always been able to resolve these issues using the free resources available from Microsoft's site and IT blogs.

            However, as I said before, I've never experienced any issues that have resulted from an installation of a Windows update.

            Regarding your last comment, this is entirely down to luck.
            A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy