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Intranet site authentication issue

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  • Intranet site authentication issue

    I didn't know where else to post this as there was no category that I thought matched. So if this doesn't belong here I apologize.

    My client machines are in an AD environment. We also host our own website which has an employee intranet site which users get authenticated against AD. This works perfectly when the client is either on the domain (no authentication needed as it is using the windows credentials) or if you are completely outside the domain ( a typical users home machine that has never been on the domain).

    My issue is I have to setup client machines that get sent into the field that use either Air Cards or other ISP's where the client is no longer on the domain any more. I set up the machine while it was on the domain so their profile is cached (sic) on the machine locally. So when they log in they are still using the mydomain\username login method.

    Now comes the weird part. When they attempt to log into the intranet using our public website intranet link (wwwdotoursitedotcom/intranet) - the same link we use internally - all they get is a page saying "you do not have permission to view this page". No logon prompt...nothing. I have recreated the issue several times and tried resolving it by taking the machine off the domain and clearing all browser cache's and whatnot.

    As far as I know...nothing has changed in the authentication methods used in our web server IIS management.

    I am at a loss here and any insight would be greatly appreciated.