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Non Admins Installing printers

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  • Non Admins Installing printers

    Does anyone know if there is a GPO or a way of allowing non admins to install printers locally on Win 7.

    Our current setup is the printers are mapped via logon scripts but unless the drives exist locally on the box the UAC box appears & wants permissions to install the printer each time a user logs in.

    I also want some of our users to be able to freely install printers without granting admin access.

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    Re: Point and Print Restrictions

    I have done this in my company.
    Take a read of this
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      Re: Non Admins Installing printers

      Thanks for this, I got it sorted.

      If anyone is wanting the quick way to do this without having to trawl through the guide here are the 2 GPO settings you need to change:

      Computer Configuration> Policies> Administrative Templates> Point and Print Restrictions

      User Configuration> Policies> Administrative Templates> Control Panel> Printers> Point and Print Restrictions

      Disable either or both of the settings depending on if you are targeting the user or PC level