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boot image creation

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  • boot image creation

    Hi ,

    I want to make a bootable image ( ISO File ) from my existing windows 7 system , is any software available which can help me to make this . Can i load that image inside windows deployment service so that i can deploy it automatically in my local network .

    Do i need to add additional file e.g and so that i can deploy it using windows deployment service. Is there any software available which can add this files automatically and make a bootable iso image.


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    Re: boot image creation

    yes. there is software available to help you make bootable iso images of deployed windows 7 hosts.

    no, you cannot load an iso into WDS - it requires WIM files.

    Yes, you can make a WIM file from an existing operating system.
    No, I won't give you step by step instructions
    Yes, you can find plenty of information on the internet about how to do things like this.
    No, I can't give you links.
    Yes, you can use google to find those links.
    No, I can't tell you how to find google.
    Yes, google will give you answers if you ask the right things.
    No, I will not tell you which things to ask.
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      Re: boot image creation

      I hope this helps, and this kind of thing is always time consuming at first. Below are some links as a starting point.
      To begin with you'll probibaly be best with a test system that u can easily restore and break again to begin with. Remember to sysprep an image that you are going to re deploy. I hope u get it working (good luck)

      Windows 7 - VHD - Create of a Physical Hard Disk

      Windows 7 - Convert a VHD File to a ISO File

      Windows 7 - ImageX - Create an ISO from a VHD

      ive never done the above steps myself, but think its a right way. Would be good to know. also imagex is part of waik

      Using WDS to capture an image.
      part 3 is probably the part ur after.
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        Re: boot image creation

        Capturing and deploying images is a large subject, so to help get you going... A great portal for learning about capturing and deploying Windows 7 can be found at the Deliver and Deploy page of the Springboard Series on TechNet. There are some great articles, how-to’s, and videos to help you learn all about deployment and the various methods you can use.
        I would recommend that you concentrate on learning to use MDT. MDT is a common console for many of Microsoft’s deployment tools such as WAIK, USMT, and more. MDT can be used in conjunction with WDS or SCCM, or it can be used as a stand-alone deployment tool.

        Hope this helps,
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          Re: boot image creation


          I would normaly recomend using SCCM 2007/2012 OS Deployment feature.
          however, if you need a small environment for OS deployment, WDS is nice solution.
          but its to complicated to be explained here. you should read some manuals on microsoft website.