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Random Freezes Windows 7 64

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  • Random Freezes Windows 7 64

    I have a Windows 7 pro 64 bit machine that randomly freezes up. When it happens I get no response at all and I have to power it off and back on. In my event viewer I have this error:

    right before the crash. This machine is from a different office and is a member of a different domain. Could this be resolved by removing it from the foreign domain and adding it to my local domain? Could this be the cause of the freeze? The machine is an i5 processor with 8gb of ram and there never seems to be any other symptoms happening at the time of the freeze.



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    Re: Random Freezes Windows 7 64

    I very much doubt domain membership will be the cause, but it might...
    Did you follow up the event link you posted and disable the various network settings?

    Also I would consider running the memory tester (in Windows RE)
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      Re: Random Freezes Windows 7 64

      I ran a bootable memory test and it passed, what is this windows memory test?

      I am going to follow up on that event ID link and disable those network settings first. I see in the link that solution 3 is ' Enable the spanning tree portfast setting in your router ' I'm not sure what that means so I'm going to start with the first two.


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        Re: Random Freezes Windows 7 64

        Sounds like it might be a hardware issue. Are you seeing ATAPI errors in the event logs? Have you checked your hard drive(s) for errors?
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          Re: Random Freezes Windows 7 64

          im with Blood.
          run a chkdsk
          then make sure all your drivers are up to date.

          maybe even pull out a multimeter and start measuring the voltage on the power supply.

          minor power spikes can cause random failures.. so can overheating.
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            Re: Random Freezes Windows 7 64

            Also make sure you run chkdsk with the /R option to check for bad sectors. It will take a look longer, but will check the entire drive.