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Inject ATI Drivers using DISM

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  • Inject ATI Drivers using DISM


    I'm try to inject ATI drivers into a .WIM file using DISM however i'm having some problems.

    I cant find any ati radeon drivers that dont include catalyst control center.

    I jsut want to install the .inf files only.

    I downloaded the ati driver package from their website that includes CCC and unpacked it to C: there is a folder C:\AMD\support\12-4_vista_win7_64_dd_CCC\Packages\Drivers\Display\W7 6_INF\ that has some .inf files in it but they error when i try and add them with DISM.

    Anyone done this before and can assist please?



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    Re: Inject ATI Drivers using DISM

    What is the error and what command are you using to inject the drivers??

    Try this


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      Re: Inject ATI Drivers using DISM

      i eventually got it to work.

      such a bizarre solution to the problem though.

      What i needed to do was drill down in to the amd folder that the ATI setup unpacks to the root of the C: and find the ati display drivers.

      Basically select all files in the driver folder and right-click and choose use 7zip to expand the files go down into the subfolder and perform the same

      then use dism to inject the drivers into your install.wim file.

      seems like the .inf file refers to a bunch of other files which are all compressed so dism cant add them unless they've been expanded.

      such a messy, messy problem and resolution. Not happy with AMD/ATI!

      Would've thought that'd want to make their products usable for the enteprise environment......! i think i'm just gonna make sure that any new box we get has an intel chipset with onboard graphics, that way i dont have to worry about trying to fit nvidia or radeon drivers into my image or having to support more than one type of graphics driver.