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XP can connect to a share but win 7 cannot

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  • XP can connect to a share but win 7 cannot

    We have ran into a very interesting problem this morning where we have shares on a 2008 r2 Ent. server. These shares are on an NTFS volume where they are set with special permission. That special permission is Traverse, List, Read attributes, Read extended attributes and read perms at the parent folder and we add Create, write and delete to to subfolders and files. The share perm, so not to interfere with NTFS, is set to full for all domain users.

    Our users on XP and Terminal server 2003 can navigate these folders without issue.

    The same users when on a 2008 terminal server or a win 7 machine cannot traverse these folders and get access denied.

    If we change the NTFS setting to modify, win 7 can get access, but we dont want to allow modify at the parent level. When we set read at the parent level it also works but we dont want this either as it doesnt allow modify of subfolders and files. Setting the two special NTFS perms works well for us as we can set the perms once and have it dynamically apply to all nested folders and files.

    If anyone else has run into this can you let me know and save us a one of our calls to MS?