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Windows 7 Connecting to Windows 2003 Speed Issue

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  • Windows 7 Connecting to Windows 2003 Speed Issue

    Hi I have some Windows 7 clients which connect to a Windows 2003 domain controller, basically the network file transfer speed to and from the server seems very slow around 2 MB a second I have tried the following on the windows 7 PC's to improve this but to no avail -

    Remote Differential Compression Turned Off
    Disbaled TCPIP v6
    Disabled task offload

    I have also tried setting the link speed manually but this makes not difference.

    We run several windows 2003 domain controller in various offices and this seems to be the case @ each site, However the offices with Windows 2008 servers work fine with the windows 7 clients.

    We also run many XP / Vista clients that do not have the same problem.

    Has anyone got any idea's or could they point me in the right direction



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    Re: Windows 7 Connecting to Windows 2003 Speed Issue

    Are all those laptops with issues, exactly the same manufacturer and porduct?

    I know that Intel had an issue with their Intel network connections application
    which caused some trouble.