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Internet Explorer Errors on Page

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  • Internet Explorer Errors on Page


    Ran into a weird issue at a client's office today. A couple of their computers (all running Win7 x64 Ultimate using IE 9) keep showing errors when trying to view certain webpages while a couple identical workstations running all the same OS and software seem to view the pages fine. Even after reformatting a machine and joining it to the domain, IE starts acting weird. I cannot even download Firefox with out it giving me "errors on page" regarding a "no such interface supported" message.

    They have an SBS2011 box running as the DC.

    Let me know what you think. I appreciate any help I can get.


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    Re: Internet Explorer Errors on Page

    Worth flushing the DNS zone cache and cache on the SBS server. Perhaps to do this out-of-hours.


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      Re: Internet Explorer Errors on Page

      A couple of other things you might want to check - do the sites require the latest version of flash etc? Make sure you have the latest version available. There are two versions of I.E.: 64bit and 32bit - have you tried the 32bit version, too (assuming you are using the 64bit version)?
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        Re: Internet Explorer Errors on Page

        Concur with checking IE version being run.