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Unable to copy large amount of files

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  • Unable to copy large amount of files


    We have a domain on windows 2008.
    we have a workstation which can not copy large amount of files from itself to our File server.

    What is large amount ? approximately 50 files.

    No error seen. Just does nothing after PASTE or it just copies 2 files !

    If i copy only 5 files, it copies ok.

    Any Idea why this happens ?


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    Re: Unable to copy large amount of files

    What is the combined file size of the 50 files and are they all roughly similar, or are some much larger than others?

    Are there any restrictions on the share you're copying the files to, such as the file types that can be stored there?

    Which 5 files can be copied - a random selection, or always the same 5? If you copy them 5 at once, can all of them be copied?

    After trying to copy all of them, are you certain that only 2 are copied? Does pressing F5 or in some other way refreshing your view of the share confirm this?

    Does this problem affect any other workstations or users? Do other users experience the problem on this workstation? Does this workstation's user experience this problem when using other computers?

    What is the link speed between this workstation and the server and can you briefly describe the link between them? Eg - workstation has 100mbit link to Accounts Department switch, gigabit link from Accounts switch to Backbone switch, gigabit link from Backbone switch to server? Are they in the same subnet/VLAN?

    Does this problem occur when copying files from this workstation to other servers? What about to other shares on this file server?

    What client OS are you running on the workstation? Is it a member of the domain?

    Is there anything relevant in the event logs on the workstation or server?

    Do other things work ok on the workstation, such as group policies?

    What security software do you have in place on the workstation and server - firewalls, antivirus etc?

    Please post back with as much detail as possible relating to the questions above, plus any other details which you think might be relevant.
    Gareth Howells

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