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Win7 Mapped Drive view issue

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  • Win7 Mapped Drive view issue


    Win7 has mapped network drives to a server, 2 mapped drives work just fine.

    1 drive however when you open it, you only see one folder within the drive, it should show you all the folders (100 folders odd)

    I disconnect the drive, restart and remap same thing only one folder. Remapped using different credentials with the same result.

    So to recap: \\servername\sharename also just shows you the one folder within the "sharename" although there are 100 folders (Im RDPd into the server and can see the files). So I cannot even just browse to the folder without mapping and see the folders?? Other users are logged into the same share and seeing all the files and folders just fine???

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Win7 Mapped Drive view issue

    Solved it.

    Turned off the firewall, disconnected all. Rebooted and reconnected and all worked.

    Turned firewall back on.