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Win7 not following domain password policy

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  • Win7 not following domain password policy


    I have a Windows 2003 Domain. I have a password policy set up for the domain that forces users to change their passwords every 45 days, has to have 6 characters or more, and must meet complexity requirements. This has been working without issue for the past year. When I begain introducing Windows 7 clients earlier this year, I noticed that several of the Windows 7 users complained about not being able to change their passwords. They try different passwords that meet the criteria, but they cannot change their passwords. They can change from an XP client without issue or I can even change the password in AD (as long as it meets the requirements). Does anyone know why this would only affect Windows 7? I have since introduced a 2008 domain controller, but the issue is still present for Windows 7 PCs and laptops.

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    Re: Win7 not following domain password policy

    check this

    There are special steps that have to be taken to get Vista/7 policies to work.