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Windwos 7 RDP windows XP Printer redirect

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  • Windwos 7 RDP windows XP Printer redirect

    I'm in the process of finiding a slution to my issue with windows 7 RDP to Windows XP. Here is the issue

    When i create RDP connection from windows 7 64Bit to a windows XP machine it will not redirect all of my printers. It will show the microsoft printers and the adobe acrobat but no other printer.

    I have check the TS port all of them seems active i have tried to install my HP printer using a defualt printer driver on the TS port that i have found to be working for the HP and it print fine BUT everytime we restart one of the computers it will change the TS port and i will need to go to the printer setting and change it.

    I have also check the Event viewer on my XP machine and it say "Driver HP-2025 require for the printer HP-2025 is unknown" Error ID 1111.

    Is there anyway to make sure that xp has the right driver to install? Where are these drivers coming from is it from the XP system32 or the windows 7?

    i have open the HP setup on the xp machine and place the drivers in the system32 but no help

    I will appreacite any idea you might have

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    Re: Windwos 7 RDP windows XP Printer redirect

    64 bit and 32 bit drivers are very different!
    You could try installing the relevant drivers on the Win7 box (go to Devices and Printers, then Print Server Properties) and see if that works
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      Re: Windwos 7 RDP windows XP Printer redirect

      I don't think you can redirect from a 64bit to a 32bit driver but as Ossian suggested you can try installing the drivers on the Win7 box! and let us know if it works!


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        Re: Windwos 7 RDP windows XP Printer redirect

        here's another thing to try:
        share the printers on the win7 boxen
        go to the xp box, go to \\win7 UNC and add the shared printers via that, installing the correct xp32 bit drivers, once you've done that you should be able to go to I think... printer properties somewhere in there is the add drivers button, and add the 32 bit drivers from there (32 bit drivers have to be added via a 32 bit client and visa versa)

        don't know if it will help your situation, but worth a shot.

        I presume the print server roll in 2008 is not installable or whatever on win7?