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Failing to connect wirelessly on Windows 7 64 bit

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  • Failing to connect wirelessly on Windows 7 64 bit

    Hi all

    At our school we have 88 Lenovo machines running Win7 PRO 64 that connect to a Windows server 2003 domain server. About one quarter of the systems connect wirelessly. We have noticed of late that some of the systems fail to connect wirelessly. Recently it was necessary to ghost one of the machines from our master image file that has been used for all system. On the local machine , I set up the wireless connection but the system failied to connect and further attempts have proved fruitless. Two other systems that had previouly worked also no longer connect. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you

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    Re: Failing to connect wirelessly on Windows 7 64 bit

    MAC filtering or RADIUS authentication on the WAPs?

    Do they have any issues at all when connecting over the wired LAN?
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      Re: Failing to connect wirelessly on Windows 7 64 bit

      Hi Tom

      No MAC filtering or Radius Authentication involved. WAPS are older 3COM models that utilise basic WEP 128bit key. We have no problem whatsoever when connecting via wired system. Thank you for your help


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        Re: Failing to connect wirelessly on Windows 7 64 bit

        Suggest you consider getting something that will do WPA2 just to make the wireless harder to hack. WEP is a 2 minute hack and can even be done from an iPhone.

        When I was playing with Windows 7 when it first came out I had issues with it connecting to a WEP WAP that I had. As soon as I changed to the WPA2 WAP immediate connection.

        Is the WAP being displayed in the System Tray?
        If yes, what happens when you click Connect?
        Does it connect automatically?
        Have you tried deleting the connection and manually creating a new one?
        Have you checked that the students haven't turned the wireless NIC off?
        Do the laptops have a software on/off wireless NIC switch? (Run the wireless troublershooter and see if this is detected)
        Have you run the wireless troublershooter? What does it tell you?
        Anything in the Event Viewer?
        When you don't get a connection, what does IPCONFIG /ALL give you? APAPI address or nothing?
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