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Offline files Windows 7 not sync-ing

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  • Offline files Windows 7 not sync-ing

    I have a number of clients using Windows 7 laptops who were formerly using XP with offline files available. Since switching them over to Win7 the offline files are not available - the folder shows but all the files are greyed out with a x next to them. Manually kicking off the sync appears to start working but then gets nowhere. I have had some errors sometimes about the file being in use by another process (which it isn't) and I know there are a few mentions of this on various forums. This is happening with different customers, on different domains and different servers - SBS 2003 & SBS 2008, the only common factor is Windows 7. It is happening with redirected folders (done through the SBS wizard, i.e. desktop, my docs etc) and manually selected folders that are on shared network drives.

    I have just started a sync running on one of the laptops before starting this post so will update with the results of that later - error messages etc but if anyone can help.....

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    Re: Offline files Windows 7 not sync-ing


    To Enable Offline Files

    After starting the offline files, you need to use command “sc config CscService start= auto” to enable the offline services in Windows 7. If offline files are disabled, and if you want to start the service first thing you need to do is change the start type to enabled or manual and then start the service. After this you could type the “sc config CscService start=” manual command in the box. After this start offline files service with “net start CscService” or “sc start CscService” commands.