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IPTables-like for windows 7 ?

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  • IPTables-like for windows 7 ?

    I'm running small database server on windows 7 home premium (only serve 5-6 workstations), but I would like to enhance the security and limit the access to this machine to only these 5-6 workstations. Unfortunately this database program does not support Linux OS, so I'm looking for a solution for Windows.

    Because its a very small and not important server I can't purchase hardware firewall/new computer to connect before the server, I need software solution, and as cheap as possible.

    I tried to play a little bit with Windows Firewall but I couldn't make it work like I want.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: IPTables-like for windows 7 ?

    Try Cygwin. It's a Unix/Linux emulator for windows. You may be able to run IPtables through that. Alternatively port it to Linux and run through WINE


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      Re: IPTables-like for windows 7 ?

      Investigate IPSec -- allows filtering/blocking of packets based on numerous criteria
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        Re: IPTables-like for windows 7 ?

        Windows Firewall should be able to do what you need. And, being part of the OS, it will not cost you a dime more.
        What do you mean by
        I couldn't make it work like I want.
        ? What did you do and it did not work?
        What exactly do you need to accomplish? Open the specific ports on the database server only to those 5-6 client stations? Encrypt the communications between the database server and the stations? Accept only encrypted sessions to the database server, and only from those clients?

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