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Windows 7 Certificate Enrollment Issue

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  • Windows 7 Certificate Enrollment Issue

    Not sure if this is the forum for a CA question Certificates on Windows 7. I searched and didn't find one.

    I built an Enterprise CA in 2008 R2. And have my user and computer templates. Things were working fine. Was playing with SCEP and enrollment of non-domain devices as well.

    All my Windows 7 machines are receiving a Certificate Enrollment request daily and it is not attached to any policy CEP or in AD. It's actually blank. I am unable to find which one this belongs to and how to remove this. It's very annoying and haven't found anything out there in regards to how to resolve this error.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Windows 7 Certificate Enrollment Issue

    Might have found my own answer. Removed the AD policies. So far, not seeing the requests. But will check in the A.M.