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For example, if you use a topic like
or a stupid subject line like
I will personally kick you out of here. So is using idioting topic titles such as
I don't care about your love relations with Bill, I do care for my forums. Other people need to know what the thread is about, and using stupid titles like these won't help.
Bad subject lines usually tell us it's a poorly written question. We don't like that.

Good example:
On the contrary, using a topic like this one
Will actually bring people in, the ones that know the answer, and also those who do not, but would like to find what the answer is.

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Know how to ask the question.

Bad example:
For example, a question like
will also receive idiotic answers or no answers at all. And if someone did want to try to answer, they'd need to ask for more information, which in turn will cause you to come back and explain yourself, thus lengthening the answering process.

Good example:
For example, tell us about

- What Operating System and Service Pack level are you using?
- Are you in a Workgroup or in an Active Directory domain environment?
- What are you trying to do?
- Why are you trying to do it?
- What did you try already, why, and what was the result of your actions?
- What was the exact error message that you received?
- What does the Event Log say?
- Are there any hardware restrictions we should know of (i.e. no floppy, no CD, etc.)
- Do you have current backups? Why not?
- Network setup issues, DNS, IP addresses etc.
- Firewalls blocking connections, anything we should know?
- Any other information you think we might need in order to help you.

Just a quick reminder:

How to ask a question:

Do not make us ask your clarification questions, and do NOT make us point you back to the manual (RTFM for short) or Google. Basically, do not waste our time! The more relevant info you provide, the more likely it is that your problem can be resolved quickly.

If you chose not to provide us with the relevant information you're just making it more difficult for anyone to provide you with good answers in a timely fashion. Don't be surprised if people are less enthusiastic about helping you under such conditions.

5) We are not responsible for any 3rd-party tools or software

We can try to help, but since we did not make these tools, we do not officially give support to issues related to them. For issues like these please contact the author of the specific tool you're trying to use.

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Also, please DO NOT write in CAPS LOCK, and do try to use "normal" words. U and 1 d0n't l1&3 t0 r3a|) m3$$ag3$ wr1tt3n li&3 th1$. No, that is NOT English, and writing in that manner will NOT make you look smarter.

7) Professional attitude

We don't like to see that members would appear foolish, so keep a professional attitude always, and respect others.

Try to avoid offensive words, especially if they are against other forum members. Writing like that is making *yourself* look stupid or silly anyway.

The forums are referenced by many IT profesionals world wide. Members should therefore keep international and multicultural aspects in mind. If the board receive serious complains about one of your posts or about any detail in your user-profile, it force us to either sent a request to you, edit your message or, in some cases to ban you.

When choosing your nickname we would suggest trying to avoid using offensive language. While we understand that because of international and cultural differences this cannot always be avoided, we will act if asked to do so by other forum members.

Needless to say that nicknames containing really offensive language will be banned if they fail to accept our policy.

8 ) If needed, post images of the error or problem

There's nothing better that seeing with our own eyes. Just make sure you do NOT work with huge BMP files. Use GIF, JPEG or PNG. Also, no NOT paste the images in a DOC file, not everyone hase Office installed on their computer, and opening a stupid Word document just to see a 4MB image of your ENTIRE desktop instead of a 70KB GIF image will just piss us off.

Lamers that do not know how to make a screen capture might consider using the ALT + Print Key combination and pasting the result in mspaint.exe. Non lamers might want to try SnagIt or other capturing utilities.

9) No illegal stuff, no software sharing, cracking, hacking or other illegal activities

Questions or answers with such items will be deleted by the moderator, and cause your account to be banned for life.

Just to make myself clear: Asking a question about a serial number for any program is illegal. Giving such a serial is illegal. Asking about Windows Activation and how to change a CD-key for XP is ok, but asking how to bypass the activation process or the Windows Genuine Check is not legal.

No, braindumps are NOT legal. You might get away with just talking about them, but you will be deleted if you post questions from actual dumps or provide links to such dumps or to companies that offer dumps for money.

10) No advertising

I do not think I need to elaborate on this issues. Users who do not comply will be banned. No hidden or direct commercials and no hidden or direct spamming.

If you do have information you'd like to share, for instance a website where you've placed tips or where you've gathered important information, and from your post it'll be clear that you're doing it in order to actually and genuinely help someone, AND the external link does NOT point to a site that sells that information - we will investigate it, and if found right, we will allow the link.

If you have a personal website and you want to promote it, pay someone for it. If I or any of the moderators see a post that has external links on it, and it turns out that the links point to your website, one that's used to sell stuff (services, software, etc.) we will delete it and get your account banned, no questions asked.

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www. mycompany .com - this is a URL that doesn't work, and therefore it is allowed in your signature, even if your post count is lower than 50.

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In general - Links to external sites that sell something or don't look "innocent" will be deleted, and the member posting them will be banned! If you are in doubt - Ask any one of the moderators before posting.

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We will not get our hands dirty with legal issues just because some reader chose to copy/paste an entire KB without getting permission and without at least saying where the information was taken from, plus providing a link to the original material. If you chose to quote an answer found elsewhere, you are required to also give credit to the original poster, AND give the URL from where you took it from. Do NOT paste answers that someone else wrote and claim them to be your own (even and especially from other sites). It is not our responsibility to check every answer you post, but if we catch you breaking this rule we will ban you immediately!

12) Follow-up on your question in a timely manner

Say "thank you" after receiving a good answer. Also, if one of the answers helped you, we would all like to know which one it was, and what you did to finally solve your problem. This is all what this community is about - sharing information . Sharing information is not just by taking information from us, but also by sharing your sucess and failure stories, and by helping others, who might read your post in the future, understand what was the outcome of the thread.

13) No double users

There is no excuse for opening more than one user for your personal use. One is enough. And if you were banned for doing something wrong, take the punishment like a man/woman and don't come back with a different user/troll, crying about how it's all wrong and how these forums suck. They don't, you do. If I find that you did that, I will ban you, your IP range, and your email provider for life. Don't test me.

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Please do not hijack other peoples' threads asking a similar but not quite identical question! If you do, it is not clear which question someone is giving an answer to and everyone will get confused. If you have a question, start a new thread instead, adding a cross reference to previous posts if you want to.

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Although your question may be of critical importance to you, it is one of many people are trying to answer. If you do not get answers in a few days, let alone hours or minutes, this means no-one has read it who feels they can contribute an meaningful answer at that time. Repeatedly posting something like:

Or worse still, emailing or PMing members who have helped you in the past only succeeds in annoying them and will not get you a better response

If you need something immediately, or in a fixed timescale, consider hiring a consultant or paying the vendor for priority support. If you do not, please show some patience and wait for responses. Also see rule 12 when you do get a good response.

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New user - profile not being created

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  • New user - profile not being created

    Upon creating a new user and attempting to login, I'm receiving the following error message: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." I'm running Windows 7 x64 SP1.

    My current setup is:
    C: drive (SSD) Program Files, Windows, ProgramData.
    X: drive (HDD) Users, and everything else.

    I use the Administrator account as my account. To set up the system, I created a temporary user, logged in, changed the registry to point the Users directory to the X: drive (and moved the Default and Public folders to the X:\Users directory). I then enabled the Admin account and logged in with it. This created my profile on the X drive.

    However, I'm trying to create another user account to test with. The account is named "Test". I receive the quoted error message upon attempts to log in. I checked the X:\Users folder and there is no profile for the Test account, not even a folder for it. I tried copying the Default profile and renaming it, but no dice. I also verified that the folder seemed to have the proper permissions (Full Control for System, Administrator, Administrators, as the Test account was an admin account as well). There is no entry in the registry under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\ for the Test user, so I got a utility that could find that users' SID and created an entry for it, but still, I receive the original error message when trying to log in.

    Any ideas?
    Drew Green
    MCITP:EA & Messaging 2010, MCSE:S, CCENT

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    Re: New user - profile not being created

    there's actually a heap of articles on how to do this on the net.. let me see if i can find one for you... I've fixed it several times


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      Re: New user - profile not being created

      two links:


      Something in your registry is just lookin in the wrong place is all


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        Re: New user - profile not being created

        Not all the fixes work. Went through a lot of them last week with the same problem as the OP and even a new Profile corrupted. Finally ran a scan on the HDD and found bad sectors around the area of the Profiles.

        So, if the above fixes don't work, scan the HDD for errors using either the tools supplied by the drive manufacturer or a good third party tool. This then rules in or out physical HDD and if it is ok then you can look for more software fixes.

        Also, check to make sure the NTUSER.DAT file is actually in the user's Profile root. It was missing in the one I was trying to fix so that made me think of it being a physical problem and not a software one. To see NTUSER.DAT you will need to uncheck the System Files option.

        Open Explorer
        Folder and search options
        View tab
        [look at the image highlights]
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