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New user - profile not being created

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  • New user - profile not being created

    Upon creating a new user and attempting to login, I'm receiving the following error message: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." I'm running Windows 7 x64 SP1.

    My current setup is:
    C: drive (SSD) Program Files, Windows, ProgramData.
    X: drive (HDD) Users, and everything else.

    I use the Administrator account as my account. To set up the system, I created a temporary user, logged in, changed the registry to point the Users directory to the X: drive (and moved the Default and Public folders to the X:\Users directory). I then enabled the Admin account and logged in with it. This created my profile on the X drive.

    However, I'm trying to create another user account to test with. The account is named "Test". I receive the quoted error message upon attempts to log in. I checked the X:\Users folder and there is no profile for the Test account, not even a folder for it. I tried copying the Default profile and renaming it, but no dice. I also verified that the folder seemed to have the proper permissions (Full Control for System, Administrator, Administrators, as the Test account was an admin account as well). There is no entry in the registry under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\ for the Test user, so I got a utility that could find that users' SID and created an entry for it, but still, I receive the original error message when trying to log in.

    Any ideas?
    Drew Green
    MCITP:EA & Messaging 2010, MCSE:S, CCENT

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    Re: New user - profile not being created

    there's actually a heap of articles on how to do this on the net.. let me see if i can find one for you... I've fixed it several times
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      Re: New user - profile not being created

      two links:


      Something in your registry is just lookin in the wrong place is all
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        Re: New user - profile not being created

        Not all the fixes work. Went through a lot of them last week with the same problem as the OP and even a new Profile corrupted. Finally ran a scan on the HDD and found bad sectors around the area of the Profiles.

        So, if the above fixes don't work, scan the HDD for errors using either the tools supplied by the drive manufacturer or a good third party tool. This then rules in or out physical HDD and if it is ok then you can look for more software fixes.

        Also, check to make sure the NTUSER.DAT file is actually in the user's Profile root. It was missing in the one I was trying to fix so that made me think of it being a physical problem and not a software one. To see NTUSER.DAT you will need to uncheck the System Files option.

        Open Explorer
        Folder and search options
        View tab
        [look at the image highlights]
        Click image for larger version

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