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  • Software Installing Problem

    For years a friend has been using the latest version of the Aseasy spreadsheet in preference to MS Excel. When he now he inserts the Aseasy installation CD in a fully registered Windows 7 on a new PC, a warning displays the software is incompatible with the wonderful Home version of Windows 7, and crafty MS warns him he must spend some 100 to upgrade to the Professional version.

    Is there a legal way to overcome this problem. I have heard similar problems such as with Vista can often be overcome by NOT allowing some software to install among the usual Program Files, and instead install it in another directory, not monitored by Windows.

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    Re: Software Installing Problem

    Has he tried compatibility mode?

    What needs to be upgraded -- Windows or the spreadsheet?

    Has he tried support for the spreadsheet

    btw, is it "AsEasyAs" -- if so it has been unsupported since 2006, so expecting it to run on a newer OS is not really reasonable.
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      Re: Software Installing Problem

      Thanks. It is Microsoft that demandd he pays around 100 to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional as the Home version will not allow him to install "AsEasyAs"

      He says he cannot buy a later version of "AsEasyAs".

      I will ask if he can fathom out how to try the Win 7 compatible mode.



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        Re: Software Installing Problem

        Get him to give these a shot
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          Re: Software Installing Problem

          XPMode will not work on Windows Home unless it is the Premium version. If plain old Virtual PC 2007 is used then he will still need a legal copy of an operating system to install on it. The latest version of AsEasyAs may work on Win98 but I don't know. Have a DOS version floating around somewhere (but you still nee a legal copy of DOS).
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