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LPT port printing from legacy program

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  • LPT port printing from legacy program

    We have an old program that hasnt been supported since 1987. Its sort of a dos based program with some old windows db files. in order to print you have to map the printers to lpt1 lpt2 or lpt3 by going to command prompt and using the net use lpt1 command to whatever printer you want. Then in the program when you want to print you input lptx. This works like a champ on windows xp.

    The problem we have is now I am installing windows 7 pro boxes. I can get the program to work except the print part. If I try to net use lpt1 in windows 7 it wants a user/pass and then tells me access denied. I can however net use lpt2 and 3 from a regular command prompt. The only way I can map to lpt1 is from an elevated command. Ok so I hope everyone is still with me

    The program crashes when I choose the lptx to print to and hit enter so there is some kind of problem with windows 7 that I am missing.

    The only way I have gotten this to work is by using virtual xp on the windows 7 box. This is ok but my end-users are lacking in the computer skills department to say the least and they keep getting confused. It seems to blow there mind that they are in a virtual environment. I get calls from people that can't find their email and I get over there and its because they are clicking around in the virtual xp environment instead of minimizing it to their windows 7 desktop and WOW there is everything.

    So to make this short story into a long story, does anyone have any ideas for me to get the lpt printing to work from within windows 7? Oh yea when I do get the printers mapped to the lpt ports they work fine from command prompt, I can print any text or file or whatever from the command prompt no problem, its the program that dies when I try to print from it in windows 7.
    I have tried right clicking the program icons and batch files and clicking the compatibility mode and changing it to xp mode sp2 or 3 and I also tried to run it as admin.


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    Re: LPT port printing from legacy program

    Look like this link might help.. give it a try and let us know