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Serious problem in some applications

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  • Serious problem in some applications

    We have a problem on 3 different laptops ( Lenovo W510,Lenovo T500 and Toshiba Portege-all running Windows 7-64 bit) belongs to the same user.
    All computers are new installed,running about 12 applications except Office apps.
    During using Office 2010 (and also 2007 too) programs after some time,
    could be a few hours, the written text (new or existing) starts appearing
    on the upper part of the screen,overlapping the Office ribbon and covers
    existing text. Even moving the cursor create double lines. If we minimize
    the active window and restore it everything back to normal view but
    moving cursor causes the fenomena to happing again.
    Restarting the computer gets things to normal for some time.
    We checked for viruses and other worms - nothing.
    To view the fenomena we attached the screen capture during it happens.
    Someone has any idea what could causing this problem?
    We are really despaired
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    Re: Serious problem in some applications

    Update the video card drivers to the latest drivers


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      Re: Serious problem in some applications

      What are the other 12 applications?
      I realise they are are all different laptops but do they all have the latest drivers (especially graphics)?
      What items are running on startup (can you disable them and see if it still happens).
      Can you see anything in task manager that looks odd?

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        Re: Serious problem in some applications

        Does the user have separate profiles in each laptop or is it a roaming profile?
        If so, try giving them a new, local, profile
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          Re: Serious problem in some applications

          Thank you ALL for your rapid answers.
          We installed on all laptops the latest video drivers but the problem still remains.
          We installed on all computers:
          Office 2010,Adobe Pro 9,Adobe PhotoShop CS2,Canvas,SEP 11.6,Google Desktop Search,
          4 applications from Techhit,YouSendIt Express,EndNote X4,Skype,PowerDVD 5,VirtualXP+
          Sony Recorder,ITunes.
          The user and his computers are no presenent now so temporary we unable to check startup
          and task manager.
          All computers are running with local profile.