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  • Custom Logo

    Hello Team,

    I would like to integrate my company logo at windows 7 boot up. I have been reading online, but I don't think it is possible.
    Does anyone have any work around on this?

    in theory I would like to replace the Dell logo with my company logo or replace windows 7 boot up logo with my company logo.

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    Re: Custom Logo

    You'd have to edit the BIOS to change that. Personally it's not something I'd mess with just for an aesthetic reason.
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      Re: Custom Logo

      I tried this one and really managed to bone the computer, highly NOT suggested. Stick with the logo as the desktop background.
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        Re: Custom Logo

        Haven't heard of anyone doing this, or indeed anyone wanting to, since the Win 9x days when it was just a case of replacing logo.sys. I rarely pay attention, but isn't the Windows 7 splash screen animated? Did find some info here though, usual disclaimers apply:-

        Dell used to have a BIOS utility for putting in a custom splash screen, whether it is still available for modern machines I do not know. Might be worth a wee call to their support if this is something you are keen on though.
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