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Connection drops at times

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  • Connection drops at times

    Hi to all, I wonder if anyone can help me.
    I have a windows 7 box that i have on a office network which works fine but when i connect to a remote office via VPN there are times when i loose connection on my windows 7 box.
    Anyone care to help? thanks in advance.

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    Re: Connection drops at times

    Can you give us more information with regards to the VPN client used, whether it drops during inactivity and whether there are any events logged around the time of dropping. Windows 7 does have a considerable number of maintenance jobs that run, so are worth a review.


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      Re: Connection drops at times

      We are using the built in vpn client and also i have not checked the logs, also it happens at anytime not just when inactive.
      I will look at the logs also what tools are there that i can use to find more info on this issue?
      thanks for your help.