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RSAT issue with 2003 Group policy

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  • RSAT issue with 2003 Group policy

    I have been reading through previous posts-- but as of yet do not find answer.. I appologize in advance if I missed the answer.

    We have a 2003 AD (no 2008 servers... yet) I have RSAT installed and configured on my W7 PC, and have been using most tools easily.

    -- The issue is GP-- we are now adding W7 clients, and I need to apply W7 specific GP to them. I can edit and create VIA RSAT on W7 but , obviously changes do not propagate to 2003 DC's.

    1. How do I accomplish this?

    2. I see "limited support" for RSAT on 2003-- is that the way install RSAT on 2003?