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Driver packs for computer models

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  • Driver packs for computer models

    Does anyone know of a website that provides entire driver packs for computer models. Basically, instead of having to download drivers for a computer individually for each device, all of the drivers would be available in one file like a Rar or Cab file.

    Our University is in the process of moving towards Hardware Independent Imaging(HII) to image our computers instead of Norton Ghost for our OS deployment. We support students and any model laptop that they bring in. With HII, you build a repository of drivers for the various model computers used at your organization so we have a lot of drivers to collect (and keep up-to-date but have not yet determined this).

    If there isn't a site available, does anyone know if they individual manufacturers provide these driver packs for IT Techs? They are not available on any of the consumer support driver download websites except for Dell. Dell has started providing driver packs which has really helped with OS deployment. I am already aware of websites like "Driverguide-dot-com" but these are usually out-of-date and also individual.