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net use error 53

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  • net use error 53

    Hello all. Problem: From w7 enterprise, I cannot connect any network drive from a few weeks. I could befoare without problem.
    I can : ping the machine where the share resides.
    I can see in the network places the machines that are on my subnet.
    The DNS are ok, I can sirf whatever...
    I have Symantec endpoint , so I put a rule with the range of our IP addresses, but just in case I disabled all the 3 services of symantec (antivirus, proactive and firewall)
    I have tcp/ip 4 and 6 and client for microsoft network, my network is a home network
    I can go with RD on servers or stations , but I cannot either share or net use.
    I've been in the IT service from dos 3, so I know a bit of things, but here I'm just without answers.
    Any help appreciated.
    And another thing. My machine is in a domain, but I log in locally with administrator privileges (I did that befaore, when it was working)
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    Re: net use error 53

    Ok, forget about it. I found the solution. For some reason the netbios over tcp/ip service was disabled. Re-enabled it, start it and boom everything works fine.


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      Re: net use error 53

      Thanks for posting back with the answer.