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Folder redirection glitch in Win7 & Server 2003

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  • Folder redirection glitch in Win7 & Server 2003

    I've had folder redirection on my network for many years without a hitch. Recently I've install Win7 on a few clients and noticed occasional problems.

    I've redirected the desktop to a folder on the Win2003 server. This usually works great - all desktop icons appear in their proper position upon login. Every once in a while, typically after a client is logged in for quite a while - the desktop icons just vanish.

    A quick logout and login will fix it, but it is an annoying problem that takes away from productivity.

    Anybody seen this problem before?

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    Re: Folder redirection glitch in Win7 & Server 2003

    Sounds as if its a network related issue as if the icons disappear then i'd imagine they've lost connection to the network location for the redir folder. do you leave the workstaion running for any period of time when this happens or do you instantly log off as the offline copy may take a little while to kick in. The other thing to check would be task manager to see if you have any processes hogging the cpu.

    hope this helps.


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      Re: Folder redirection glitch in Win7 & Server 2003

      It does seem to be a network problem because my vSphere client seems to die at the same time. The weird thing is that the file server is 6 feet from my desktop box, and I have a good 1GbE connection.

      None of the WinXP boxes on the network have similar problems, and I didn't have this problem when I was using WinXP from this same location over the same cabling & switch to the server.

      Maybe there is something strange in the new TCP/IP stack in win7 that is a little buggy. The problem happens rarely enough that I don't mind waiting for a hotfix if that's what it takes.


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        Re: Folder redirection glitch in Win7 & Server 2003

        Adjust your redirection policy for Windows 7 to use the IP rather than a name and see how you get on. I have had issues with intermittent drive mapping and printer drops when shares/printers have been on a Windows 2003 server and a Windows 7 client has been used. Resolution has tended to be moving them to a Windows 2008 server. This may be of interest.