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multiple svchost.exe

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  • multiple svchost.exe

    I can see 14 entries for svchost.exe using the Task Manager, yet when I run a whole drive search nothing shows.

    Could multiple use of svchost.exe be the reason why the read light fails to go out for some 8 minutes when I first start Windows 7?

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    SVCHOST.EXE There you are Gordon, a nice bit of reading for you.

    As for your HDD activity light running for 8 minutes on startup, that may be more to do with a virus scan being run. While this scan is a good thing, I find it bloody annoying and schedule my scan to run when I go and have a meal. What anti-virus do you have installed? Check and see if you can temporarily disable the boot scan and take note of how long the HDD light stays on.
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      SVCHOST runs all the background windows services (40-60 typically) which are grouped together so related services run under one instance - and crash as one instance.
      Follow Chris' link above to find out more
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        I use AVG and it never seems to allow any nasties. I ran a full AVG scan a few days ago, but I understand MS no longer guarantee to protect us against malware with this Win 7 compared to as say Win 10 an 8.1. This probably explains while McFee failed to prevent two malware getting in before I restored AVG . I did manage to to remove the malware so they no longer show in the START programs as active on all the time. I had to use a special an extra ADD REMOVE programs software as the MS add remove refused to remove one by claiming the malware was still in use.

        How do I disable a boot scan? Shall I disable AVG for a few minutes while the red LED is still active at first?


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          Disable startup scanning - this is something you should use if you have grounds for suspecting an infection or you are paranoid about PC security. Regarding the service host process, check out this handy little utility - it tells you what each instance is running, how much memory it is using etc.
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