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  • Slow Toshiba

    I have a Toshiba Laptop Satellite C50-B-14D very slow including Widows, and AVG updates.

    The are a number of Toshiba programs installed as can safely be seen at

    Is it worth risking uninstalling all the Toshiba Programs by assuming Windows updates the same jobs? In fact I once saw a warning from MS after an update that three of the Toshiba programs were slowing down the laptop.


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    Looking at the spec, I reckon the Celeron processor is the culprit, not the applications. Celerons are s-l-o-w.
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      Uninstall the bloatware and see how the speed is affected. I would suggest that you uninstall ONE program at a time, reboot and check the speed. Before uninstalling anything, make sure you have the programs available so you can reinstall them if removing them causes issues. If you want to make the laptop run faster and can justify it, purchase a SSD and install that. The difference will be very noticeable.
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