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event viewer; specifically FTP events

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  • event viewer; specifically FTP events

    I recently enabled IIS Ftp server on my windows 7 box. FTP server is working great. I know where the log file sits and can read it; wondering where I can see same logs via event viewer. Is it possible? Reason for wanting to find events in the event viewer for my FTP would be to attach tasks to particular events. Can't seem to find anything on this

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    In the Event Viewer console, instead of just looking at 'Windows Logs - System' or '...- Application', have you looked under 'Applications and Services Logs - Microsoft - Windows'? On a Win10 PC there are 2 IIS categories, one of which may be a mirror for the log files you're looking at under the 'intepub' folder set. Don't have a Win7 PC to hand that I can double-check this, sorry.
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      Can't find any events for IIS in my event viewer. I can find them in the txt log file, but really wanted to see them in the event viewer as you can attach tasks to run on events from the event viewer.


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        IIS logs should be located in the Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\

        In there you should see some event logs for IIS and http, etc. I would assume that FTP would do the same. You will however need to enable writing to the event logs