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Create a Custom for Windows 7 without remove Custom Driver

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  • Create a Custom for Windows 7 without remove Custom Driver

    Good morning guys

    I'm trying create a new custom image with Windows 7 because the image that we are using is old and is impossible to work with new workstation that have Updated Hardware like NVMe Disk, Skylake and also USB 3.0. When i tried to install Windows i was unable to start the installation because i miss usb 3.0 driver. i tried to integrate the USB driver with dism(into boot.wim file) and i was able to start the installation but the system restart and when it needs to create the User i lost again mouse and Keybords and the NVMe SSD disk not recognized.

    Basically i have downloaded the last version of the Windows 7 ISO with all the updated(march 2016?) released by Dell and i finished the installation. i Also found all the other drivers even if the workstations were not officially support windows 7 but only windows 8.1 and windows 10.

    but i I have some doubt:
    • The custom image that I'm actually using at the end of its installation run a script that disable some services and some Feature using the DISM utility. Disabling Windows Feature it is not so fast. So what i would like to understand if it makes sense to prepare a new image disabling services/features(one time) and then run e sysprep? Or sysprep reset everything so even Feature and Services and the script has to be run everytime i install the custom image in order to disable again the Feature/Service?
    • The other question is related about the installation of the newer workstion as i told before. From What i understand sysprep remove all customer driver. I would like to prepare the image starting by the image create with the newer workstation without removing the custom driver that i laboriously found. So i hoped to be able to install older and newer workstation with the new custom image without becoming crazy. I know i can add driver also later with DISM but i would be easier....
    Tanks for any Help
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    You need to slipstream the drivers for the installation using DISM. Pretty easy to do and the drivers will stay, at least they have in our images.

    There was also a hotfix that needed to be installed for Windows 7 and NVME disks.


    DISM Commands to slipstream drivers, i used these commands to slipstream USB 3 drivers for a server installation.

    Dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:e:\sources\install.wim /Index:2 /MountDir:C:\temp\wim
    Dism /Image:C:\temp\wim /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\temp\USB3.0\Drivers\Win7\x64 /Recurse
    Dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:C:\temp\wim /Commit


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      Tanks for the Help...i would like Sysprep the system without removing custom driver because some driver i found are not in the correct form...and even because i should found them again..

      About the first point i mentioned...if i disable the service/feature before sysprep they remain stopped? or i have to re-disable the feature/service every time i install windows from that custom image?


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        When you sysprep your systems what are you using to capture the images?

        If you are capturing to a WIM file inject the drivers above.

        You can also tell sysprep not to delete the drivers, which are not custom i might add, by using the PersistAllDeviceInstalls in your Sysprep xml file.

        I really don't understand what your trying to do with your first comment. Are you trying to remove features? Like what?