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Administrator v. User Accounts

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  • Administrator v. User Accounts

    I am the sole user of this PC and my account is described in User Accounts as "my name - Administrator"

    Does that mean that I have full Administrator rights ?

    Is there a difference between running the computer as an Administrator or running it "with Administrator rights"?

    I seem to remember being told in a post in this Forum that there was a difference between these two descriptions.

    Is there a difference and , if so , what is it ?

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    Re: Administrator v. User Accounts

    If your account is labeled as an Administrator, you have the rights to do almost anything, except things that require a system level user to do, but that's for another day.

    Running as administrator allows you to run the program with full administrative rights, on a normal user account, by typing in the information for an Administrator's account.

    About the difference, I'm not quite exactly sure on that, but I'm sure one of the experts on here could tell you, as they have a lot more knowledge about it then me.
    Then only difference I know of is being able to run installers, programs, etc on an admin account you shouldn't need to use the 'RAA'

    Edit: I just saw something about the UAC in Vista/7 automatically running everything with limited perms.
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      Re: Administrator v. User Accounts

      Windows 7 is one of the first MS OS that I am not a admin on my local home computer.

      There is no need anymore, as you can now set files to "Run as Admin" if they have to be.

      I no longer have a AV (and gained about 15% system speed by removing it), and have been running my system for 8 months without any virus (I do regular online scans).

      Remember, having any user logged on as a admin was always considered a dirty thing, it was the lazy 3rd party apps that made us change our mindset.

      Good to be back....