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  • Windows 7 Tools Query

    Currently using the 'configuring windows 7' microsoft text for the certification exam. was an mcp junior administrator years ago and now I find difficulty getting the big picture with all of the deployment tools. Is there something that pulls all of the tools into some unified theme for the casual student to grasp.

    The online course has simulations for DISM, WAIK, MDT,etc. Where can one get an inclusive grasp in preparation for real world scenarios?

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    Re: Windows 7 Tools Query

    If you want to questions based on real world scenarios then you can buy "dumps" (set of questions) :product names removed by Mod:
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      Re: Windows 7 Tools Query

      lvaibhavt, your post has been reported for mentioning braindumps which are banned in this forum. Please read the rules.

      MPhillip, I never really got my head round it until I actually did it. Download an eval copy of Server 2008 and install it and have a play with all of the tools until you are familiar with it. IMO Learn by Doing is really the only option as there are so many different deployment tachnologies and options.
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        Re: Windows 7 Tools Query

        I am very sorry for my above comment ... I promise not to do this ever again.
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          Re: Windows 7 Tools Query

          I found the best way to learn it all was to start from bare metal and build a box. You do not need powerful hardware if the server is doing nothing but turning on and hosting some files.

          As for the copy of the license, most techs should have a few copies of Server OS given to them by MS at some point in time. If you do not, ask anyone you know who attends MS functions, thye normally hand them out there.

          If this is not a option, there are alot of companys around the world that will give you access to vLabs. These normally have a large cost with them, and it nomally just cheaper to buy a copy of the server OS retail.

          Failing this, Google has all the knowledge of the universe.

          Good to be back....