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Dual Boot XP/WIN 7 Problems

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  • Dual Boot XP/WIN 7 Problems

    I have a Dual-Boot XP/WIN 7 arrangement which , after working OK for several weeks has now begun to misbehave.

    My PC has its No1 HD divided into Partitions C,D,E,F,G and H
    and its No2 HD into I,J,K,and L.

    Incidentally , I realise that this is an excessive number of Partitions and it is my intention to drastically reduce this number after I get WIN running satisfactorally.

    Initially , before I created the D.B. and installed WIN 7, the C drive was only 15 Gbts and , in order to make enough room for WIN 7 , I increased the size of the C drive by taking space from D drive ,thus creating a C drive of 15 Gbts with a new drive , now called the M drive , of 20 Gbts which was the target for the installation of WIN 7.

    I use the Dual Boot to flick between both OS until such time as I become familiar with WIN 7.

    In conjunction with this , I have made several Image Files with BING of both XP and WIN 7 and recently , when attempting to re-boot into a WIN 7 Image File using the D.B arrangement , the PC refused to boot into WIN 7 when this OS was selected with the WIN 7 I.F. chosen but instead insisted in booting only into XP

    Another symptom of this anomaly is that , whenever this erroneous XP boot occurs it also changes the size of the specially created WIN 7 Partition ( M ) from 20 Gbts back to 15 Gbts plus 5 Gbts of Free Space.The XP Partition size remains at its original size of 15 Gbts.

    Can anyone explain what has happened to cause this ?

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    Re: Dual Boot XP/WIN 7 Problems- NOW SOLVED!

    I have managed to get this Dual Boot setup to work OK now by the use of a Partition Manager called "BootiT NT". Thank you.


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      Re: Dual Boot XP/WIN 7 Problems- NOW SOLVED!

      Given the full availability of XP Mode, I would never dual boot 7 and XP any more.
      But well done for fixing it!
      Tom Jones
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