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Windows random boot failure!?

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  • Windows random boot failure!?


    I have just Turned on my windows 7 ultimate laptop and it is now failing to get past the moving windows 7 logo after that it just reboots then comes up with a screen asking me if I want to run windows repair or start normally. I backed up my files about a month ago but not the os, what should I do?

    I'm just worried because of all the programs that are on my laptop currently.

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    Re: Windows random boot failure!?

    In theory Windows Repair is non-destructive but if you have access to another machine, consider removing the HDD from the laptop and backing up the data.

    You can always reinstall your apps, can't you?
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      Re: Windows random boot failure!?

      Just to enhance Ossian's post, I would use the Startup Recovery (it only deals with system files, so your files/applications should not be in danger).

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        Re: Windows random boot failure!?

        Thanks Guys,

        I used the startup recovery and that didn't help, I then tried to use command prompt and use the "bootsect.exe" command with arguments but that didn't work either so I then went into my BIOS and changed the(I think) hard drive I/O driver from 'ACPI' to 'Compatibility' and it worked perfectly, so im not sure whats going on there.

        But if I restart my computer, go into BIOS and change it back to 'ACPI' it has problems booting.


        Thanks alot for your help



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          Re: Windows random boot failure!?

          I wonder if its the SATA operation that would have caused this.

          Did you change anything in the BIOS prior to the system failing???

          On another note i remember many years ago having issues with ACPI but that was Windows 95.


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            Re: Windows random boot failure!?

            Did you recently update drivers with iwnodws update or anything like that?
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