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  • Internet Explorer Website Lock-down

    I have been tasked by a local government agency that has tough-book laptops for their EMT units to use for sending out medical reports. These units use a state funded on vehicle WiFi connection to the internet (that WE don't have access to control). I was asked by the department head to limit what sites they can visit with him providing me a list of sites he ONLY wants them to have access to these sites. They get X amount of free bandwidth per WiFi unit, and employees are watching movies, and YouTube, which is costing the department lots of $$$ per month in overages. These laptops are not on a domain, and do not have user accounts per person just a generic logon. I am looking for a software package that will lock down the internet, loaded on each laptop that can only allow listed sites to be able to gain access to the internet. I know that the department head should tell his employees they shouldn't go watch movies, but that is not my call I am just looking for a solution that will work for them. Everything I see is for kids like safe eyes, net nanny, just to name a few.
    Any ideas or have you used a software that you like please share your experiences.

    PCs are Windows 7 Pro
    4GB ram
    250GB harddrives
    I3 CPUs

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    First, if it's a government agency, they should put their hand in their pocket and come up with a decent budget to do these things, especially since it's already costing them more money.

    Second, you can use DNS settings to point to a centrally controlled DNS server, or (a bit more work) do this with HOSTS files that are centrally maintained.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services