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Enabling logs for tracking dns and ip address changes in machines

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  • Enabling logs for tracking dns and ip address changes in machines


    Please let me know whether we can enable logs in Event viewer for tracking user activities related to changing ip address and preffered/alternate dns server ip address in computers(win7/win?


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    The answer to that is "not really", for several reasons.

    By default, it seems the iphlpsvc in Windows 7 doesn't log anything related to static IP configuration. I don't know how or even if that can be changed.

    But here's the main issue: Even if you can enable logging of such configuration changes locally, someone with administrative privileges on the system could easily clear the logs and/or turn logging back off again. And since you speak of users changing various IP-related parameters, am I correct in assuming that these users do indeed have administrative rights on their PCs?


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      If your staff are changing these parameters and they do require local admin rights you need to establish and enforce an acceptable use policy. You make the rules, not them.
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