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Windows Deployment services - hangs at windows is loading files

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  • Windows Deployment services - hangs at windows is loading files


    Was wondering if someone can help.

    We have a bare bone customised image of WIndows 7 enterprise on a new WDS server we created. It runs on Server 2008 R2 so has the extra features of WDS such as driver injection but when we boot via PXE on a few laptops and choose the image, it begins the progress bar but then just says "windows is loading files" and just hangs there. It only seems to be with 2 specific laptops which have a CLEVO motherboard, other desktops and laptops seem to be fine.

    We have injected the proper network and chipset drivers into the boot image. There wasn't a BIOS update needed for these laptops.

    Whats odd when it boots up WDS it tries to load x64 WDS. We have WDS on a x64 server,is this why it is happening?

    Has anyone had similar issues like this. All I want to do is put a customised wim file onto a laptop.

    Is there a way I can use imagex to deploy a wim file. I tried to do it with imagex /apply but it failed.

    Any advice would be most appreciated.