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Printserver Migration with automatic reconnection on new server

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  • Printserver Migration with automatic reconnection on new server

    Hello Community

    I need your advice on the following challange:
    Iím planning a print server migration, whereby the existing old drivers on all clients (Windows 7) need to be replaced by new ones.

    I need to perform that simultaneously at 7 locations because some employees are on the road worldwide. It affects about 1400 clients. All sites get a new print server that holds the same printer shares as before, but with new drivers.

    For example:
    Old server:

    New server:

    I think of a logon script that saves all currently connected printer to a local text file and automatically connects them to the new server (based on the share name).

    Each server holds about 50 printers and the goal should be that all network printers and the corresponding driver is cleaned up.

    Unfortunately, certain clients cannot delete all driver packages and they receive an error that a file is still in use. But it is important that all drivers gets deleted, otherwise there will be conflicts and the printers arenít working. Do you know a way to prevent this error or to resolve? The clients have no local administrator rights, and should be able to use the printers without support of the IT-Staff.

    Many thanks and kind regards

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    Group Policy Preferences?


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      I agree with Wullie, Use GPP to add the new printers and remove the old ones.
      You also may want to look at these group policy settings to allow the non-admin users to install the printer drivers:

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