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Domain Login Fail via Wireless

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  • Domain Login Fail via Wireless

    I've recently encountered a new issue with a users Win 7 Pro laptop. When initially booting the computer and logging in at the prompt the login stalls indefinitely when the wireless card is enabled. However, if the wireless card is disabled or the LAN is plugged in this issue does not arise.

    The wireless functions without a problem after logging in successfully.

    Logging in used to work regardless of what network connection method. I would estimate this stopped working around 1 month ago. I have not yet located a patch that might have caused this.

    Any ideas on how to further troubleshoot this?

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    Re: Domain Login Fail via Wireless

    What method are you using to connect to the domain? Wired or wireless?
    Is the wireless card configured (automatically or manually) with the same IP data like the wired?
    Is the wireless network type set the same as the wired (I mean, form it's type POV: Domain? Private? Public?)
    Why are you using both wired and wireless in the same time?

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Domain Login Fail via Wireless

      We have had issues in the past where the WLAN card doesnt seem to connect until the user has successfully logged in, which means that user authentication for logins not cached and also any GPO updates arent applied.

      I belive with Intel cards it can be set to start at system start rather than login which solved our problem