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Windows 7 machines cant join domain

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  • Windows 7 machines cant join domain

    Hello after upgrading some workstations from XP to Windows 7 Enterprise; all Windows 7 workstations are logging in onto the domain with a temporary profile.
    How can this issue be corrected; thus profile changes would be committed to their respective profiles.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Windows 7 machines cant join domain

    what have you done to investigate the problem?

    are you using roaming profiles, mandatory profiles, or local profiles?

    windows 7 and windows XP will use separate profile folders.
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      Re: Windows 7 machines cant join domain

      Did you tried to rejoin computers to domain ?

      Let us know more info.

      Thank you


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        Re: Windows 7 machines cant join domain

        Yes, I am currently using roaming profiles in my domain setup.

        I tried rejoining the machines to the machines back to the domain after Windows 7 upgrade and it was successful.

        The problem is that when that user who was using Windows XP earlier to load his profile, It logs him in with a Temporary Profile; thus all changes he or she makes to his personal domain profile is deleted after he/she logs off from the machine.

        I personally read about deleting some SIDs from registry but I really want to be sure before making any changes to the workstations registry.

        I need more clarification on this issue.
        Thank you.


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          Re: Windows 7 machines cant join domain

          This reminds me of a issue when we where beta testing Vista, where the server would see the XP profile, try to move it to the vista computer, but as the layout is different it would fail (or copy half the files, or only the folders, or create a new C:\Documents and Settings Folder...).

          Sadly, we "fixed" it by making a new vista profile, then coping all the data to the right location.

          Also, some problem shooting hints,

          A) can a new, none roaming user log on and keep his profile?
          B) Can a New, Roaming user log on and keep/get his profile?
          C) Can a user who has a roaming profile, and has local admin rights, log on and retain there profile?
          D) Is it a possibilty to recreate the XP users profiles? (This is more asking how meny users are there, do we need to find a solution for 5 users, or 500).

          Good to be back....