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Using two sounds exits to hear sound,how?

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  • Using two sounds exits to hear sound,how?

    A client of mine has a win 7 system with onboard hdmi and sound card.
    He is using the hdmi to get sound and video.
    I'm looking for a way to use the pl sound connector so he can get the sound to both exits. Let's say one to the t.v(hdmi)and other to speakers(pl)
    Will it work with the ob sound card and if not will it work with a pci sound card?
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    Re: Using two sounds exits to hear sound,how?

    Hello ASI, you want him to be able to use both the speakers in his TV as well as the Speakers on his desk (floor/wall/roof) at the same time? I would just get a splitter, split the HDMI to HDMI and 3.5mm jack. That way, sound out of both sets of speakers (though, getting the timing right is crazy hard).

    If you want him to be able to pick where the sound comes out, just plug in a 2nd sound card, and windows will give you the option to pick what device you would like to use for what sound card.

    I have it set up with all computer, movies and game sounds come though my speakers, Vent and Temspeak come though my headset, and I am using nothing but 2 different sound cards.

    You can get the same thing to happen with some single sound cards, but they are normally expensive and for artists.

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