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imageing windows 7

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  • imageing windows 7

    Hello again,
    I need to make installation of windows7 that will run automatically (image)
    I made the a xml file with sim by microsoft Guide...
    when the installition is running it keep asking me questions(grrr.....)
    i made a computer with all the programs ,setting and preferences i whant in my image....
    I just need that the new image will duplicate Exactly the settings and preferences that on this computer ...
    can anyone help me.....

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    Re: imageing windows 7

    Are you wanting advcie on the technology to roll the image out or do you already have the technology and have issues? Are you able to let us know your setup. Any servers, what you are using for imaging, whether the machine you are imaging is an OEM build, volume licensing etc.


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      Re: imageing windows 7

      i am using WDS server...
      in xp i just need to "make" a computer that have all the programs and setting i want...
      and walla! the WDS capture it and run it atuomatcly....


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        Re: imageing windows 7

        That's a pretty standard scenario - Google will tell you how to do it...
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