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kms host behind proxy

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  • kms host behind proxy

    i just got the task to update my organization to win7...
    i built a new WDS server that work i need some help with the kms host....
    i phone microsoft and ask them if it can be activate by phone....they told me that it can.....
    all over the net i see that it cant....????
    +my host is behind a proxy....!
    can anyone help me?
    what happen if a computer will not connect to the kms over a year??? what i will need to do then?- (i can use only KMS no MAK....)?
    .....Sorry about the spelling errors....

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    Re: kms host behind proxy

    when microsoft told you it could be activated over the phone, did you consider asking them how ?
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      Re: kms host behind proxy

      When I spoke to them on the phone they told it is possible to do this and they will send me
      Explanation by email
      but the e-mail relating to MAK and not to KMS.......
      I make several calls to them and I realized that the representatives are not experts....


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        Re: kms host behind proxy

        and have you found anything in any google searchs that might help at all?

        In fact, have you tried anything?
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          Re: kms host behind proxy

          i found this:

          Hi Wes,

          Before moving on, I would like to share the following KMS general troubleshooting guide for you.

          •KMS count too low. If the number of computers that connect with KMS falls below 25, KMS client computers will not be activated and activated KMS clients are in danger of letting their activation expire. Check the current count for the KMS machine by using the Slmgr.vbs with the -dli option. The MOM pack also includes a rule to generate an alert if the KMS count is below a configurable threshold.
          •KMS machine outage. KMS machine installations should be documented to lessen the chances of inadvertently removing an active KMS machine from the environment. If a KMS machine cannot be contacted, check the service computer itself to ensure that it is receiving requests from client computers. (Check for KMS 12290 event log entries.) Check server DNS entries and network connectivity between the client and the server.
          •KMS connectivity issues. Network routers, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, and non-Microsoft firewalls can prevent access to KMS. Ensure that the KMS machine listening port (by default, port 1688/TCP) is open on the computer’s firewall.
          •KMS machine event log wraps, overwriting events. During normal operation, the KMS machine generates a large number of 12290 events. Ensure that the KMS event log is configured with sufficient space to manage these events. If used, the MOM pack automatically collects these events on a configurable, scheduled basis, so that log wrapping is not an issue.
          •Activation behind a Proxy Server. Microsoft KnowledgeBase article 921471, “Activation fails when you try to activate Windows Vista or Windows Longhorn Server over the Internet” ()[
          ) describes a situation in which the client attempting activation is behind a proxy server configured to use Basic authentication. While this is not a default configuration for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server, it is a valid configuration for many proxied networks.

          If you must use Basic authentication, type the following URLs in the Proxy’s exception list:

          Note More information on troubleshooting volume activation can be found in the Volume Activation 2.0 Deployment Guide.

          If the issue still persists, could you please post the event log and screenshot of the issue on the forum? In addition, please let me know the detail error message? Thanks.

          Hope it helps.


          but i think its Refers to regular activation and not KMS host....